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UDC 339.562:64.033(477)
MELNYK Tatyana,
Doctor of Economics, Full Professor, Head of the International Economy Department of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics
Postgraduate Student of the International Economy Department of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics
Background. The proposed article is devoted to the issue of import substitution perspectives for commodity items. Consideration of the problem is based on the analysis of import consumption and resorses possibilities of import substitution in the Ukrainian economy.
Review of the latest researches in this area indicates that scientists conduct discussions on the potential consequnses of import substitution on economic development. In a small number among the existing works the impact of macroeconomic processes on import substitution development and mechanism of regional import substitution development are investigated. However, in the majority of the works the import substitution vectors are researched only from the point of resourses possibilities; besides the theoretical statments are not followed by calculations, thus there is a need to explore it.
Therefore the aim of the article is evaluation of import substitution perspectives for particular types of economic activity.
Material and methods. The following methods were used in the scientific article: axiomatic, analysis and synthesis, economic-statistic analysis.
Results. Scientific literature on the subject of the interpretation of the term "import substitution" has been analyzed. Methodology of import substitution possibilities evaluation in food, textile and chemical industries based on equations and identities of National Accounts System has been proposed. The recomendations for import substitution perspectives in commodity items are given. 
Conclusion. Thus, it may be noted that in the face of deteriorating macroeconomic indicators and significant devaluation of the national currency import substitution can become a way for satiety of  domestic market based on the implementation of instruments and mechanisms of regulation that would allow to restrain import growth and improve its structure, while focusing on strategic priorities and objectives of socio-economic development of Ukraine . The practical significance of the obtained results is the possibility of using the proposed articles of theoretical and practical developments for improving the regulation meсhanism of import in Ukraine.
Keywords: import substitution, import dependence, protectionism, economic safety, import substitution potential, current and barrier levels of substitution.