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Kalinichenko O.   Digital transformation of higher educational establishments of Ukraine №6(140)2021
Erkes O., Kalyta O., Gordienko T.   Banking digitalization during the COVID-19 pandemic №6(140)2021
Shulga N., Omelenchuk V.   Clustering of banks according to their business models №6(140)2021
Fomina O., Semenova S.   Balance budgeting of agribusiness enterprises №6(140)2021
Stopchenko Ye., Boiko M., Kulyk M.   Digital functionality of complementation of business processes of the hotel industry №6(140)2021
Vysochyn I., Khmara A.   Omnichannel in improved profitability in retail №6(140)2021
Loi A., Blakyta H.   Economic potential of the trade enterprise: structural aspect №6(140)2021
Nazarova K., Bondarenko K.   Procedural and accounting transformation as an imperative stage of digital audit №6(140)2021
Dynnyk I.   State and civil society: digital reality №6(140)2021
Bovsh L., Bosovska M., Okhrimenko A.   Compliance-strategizing of economic security of the business in digitalization conditions №6(140)2021 
Romanenko V., Lebedeva L.   Balance of competitive conditions in Ukraine: state options №6(140)2021
Mazaraki A., Melnyk T.   Economic security strategy of Ukraine in the context of global transformations №6(140)2021
Prytulska N., Bozhko T., Kaminskyi S.   E-learning during the COVID-19 pandemic: a practical aspect №4(138)2021
Kulyk M., Kompanets K., Avdan O.   Management of consumers behavior of hospitality services №4(138)2021
Tkachenko T., Hladkyi O., Zhuchenko V.   Recreational tourism: product portfolio diversification №4(138)2021
Kulik A.   Agricultural enterprise innovative development №3(137)2021
Lang F. P.   System competition: concept, problems and limits №3(137)2021
Mazaraki A., Roskladka A., Ivanova O.   China’s digital policy:system analysis and implementation prospects for Ukraine №3(137)2021
Motoryn R., Slusarczyk B., Zeglen P.   E-commerce in the era of globalization №2(136)2021
Nezhyva M., Mysiuk V.   ASP structure: prevention of economic fraud №1(135)2021
Deysan I.   Specialized development banks: economic viability for Ukraine №6(134)2020
Zhyber T.   Genesis of budgeting at the macro-level №6(134)2020
Chugunov I., Makohon V.   Budget policy underthe COVID-19 pandemic №6(134)2020
Barabash N., Ripa T.   Taxation of trade enterprises №6(134)2020
Busarieva T.   The universal model of knowledge management of corporations №6(134)2020
Kondratiuk O., Stoianenko I.   Digitalization of business under global challenges №6(134)2020
Purdenko O.   Innovative ecosystem in the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic №6(134)2020
Novikova N., Diachenko O., Holovnia Yu.   Global trends of digitalization: potential of Ukraine №6(134)2020
Ilchenko N.Voynilovych V.   Holistic marketing in the fashion industry of Ukraine №5(133)2020
Makoiedova V.   Information technologies in decision support systems №5(133)2020
Heidor A., Kashpruk A.   IT enterprise knowledge management system in the conditions of remote workflow  №5(133)2020
Nezhyva M., Miniailo V.   Digitalization of auditin the conditions of the COVID-19 №3(131)2020
Nazarova K., Кomirna O., Nehodenko V.   Anti-corruption audit №3(131)2020
Fiedler M., Kissling M.   Fake reviews in e-commerce marketing №2(130)2020
Hrynyuk N.   Cooperative consumer network of Europe №2(130)2020
Kharsun L., Patkovskyi S.   The cold supply chains of food: determinants of management and development №2(130)2020
Mykhailichenko H., Kravtsov S., Zabaldina Yu.   Planning of event portfolio for torism destination in post-quarantine period №2(130)2020
Boichenko M., Boichenko N., 
Shevchenko Z.
  The ethical and economic conditions of human birthas a philosophical problem №1(129)2020
Volosovych S., Baraniuk Y.   Blockchain technology in the financial ecosystem №6(128)2019
Zubko T.   The diagnosis of economic security of the enterprise №6(128)2019
Matusova O., Andryeyeva V.,
Yahodzinsky V.
  Risk management models №6(128)2019
Bovsh L., Hopkalo L.   Compliance control in the hotel business №6(128)2019
Dubovyk T., Buchatska I., Savchuk A.   Information cycle of strategic marketing №6(128)2019
Boiko M., Bosovska M., Kulyk M.   Overbooking as the instrument of revenue management №6(128)2019
Bay S., Volobuev M., Kandahura K.   Valuable management of the enterprise: changes in the paradigm №6(128)2019
Hellyer M.   Ukraine’s trade under the DCFTA: a gravity model №6(128)2019
Mazaraki A., Duginets G.   International trade in the context of spreading production networks №6(128)2019
Leśniak-Moczuk A.   Leadership in the management sphere №5(127)2019
Fayvishenko D.   Digital technologies in media design №5(127)2019
Nikolaiets K.   Futurological concepts of information society №5(127)2019
Lang F. P.   Digitization is changing our world №4(126)2019
Piatnytska G., Yatsyshyna K., Berezin V.   Enterprise’s strategic potential №4(126)2019
Khalatur S.   Business environment of Ukraine: theoretical concepts of innovative development №3(125)2019
Sajtarly I.   The psychological structure of individual as a subject matter of the postmodern
socio-cultural analysis
Boiko A., Shkuropadska D.   Compensatory mechanisms for ensuring the resilience of the economy №6(122)2018
Guliaieva N., Vavdiichyk I.,  Matusova O.   Investment projection of economic security №6(122)2018
Nedbalyuk O.   Infrastructure of exchange trade in Ukraine №6(122)2018
Prisyazhnyuk A., Khmurova V.   Public-private partnership: theory and practice №6(122)2018
Nepytaliuk A.   Demographic sustainability and economic growth: theory and methodology №6(122)2018
Fedulova I.   The balanced indicators system in the risk management №6(122)2018
Shapoval M.   Fiscal mechanism for economic regulation №6(122)2018
Briukhanova G.   Information environment of the university’s for the training advertising professionals №6(122)2018
Jasinska  J.   Crisis as determinant of organization’s development №4(120)2018
Lang F. P.   Structure of a "new society" conceivable for the digital revolution №4(120)2018
Jasinska  J.   Managerial competencies in a crisis №3(119)2018
Zhylenko K.   Determinants of globalization processes №6(116)2017
Lang F. P.   Important aspects of the future German policy №6(116)2017
Vedmid N., Romanchuk L.   Structural polisemanticity of the resort-recreational sphere №6(116)2017
Romanova A.   Global trends of tourism development №6(116)2017
Shkuropadska D.   Resilience of the sector of state government №6(116)2017
Blakyta H., Lanovska H.   Integral assessment of the innovation of the enterprise's activity №6(116)2017
Jasinska  J.   Using the organization's performance curve in change management №6(116)2017
Savchuk A.   Omnichanal strategies of trade enterprises: information support №6(116)2017
Lokhman N.   Innovative activities of machine-building enterprises №6(116)2017
Hlushko V.   Theoretical basis of strategic analysis of travel services promotion №6(116)2017
Pritulska N., Antiushko D.   The application of Meetoo internet-platform in educational process №6(116)2017
Myronetz S, Konovalova O.   Motivation in the professionogenesis of  specialists in the trade sphere №6(116)2017
Bokhan A.   Consolidating diplomacy in ecologization of competitive relations №6(110)2016
Duginets G.   Methodology of researching global value chains №6(110)2016
Stryzhak O.   Human capital and human development concepts №6(110)2016
Iefremova O.   State support of small enterprises and middle class №6(110)2016
Boiko M., Babenko O.   Social responsibility of tourism enterpises №6(110)2016
Shulga N., Gordiienko T.   The concept of regulation of financial markets №6(110)2016
Volosovych S., Apostoliuk O.   Institutional modernization of state financial support of the small business №6(110)2016
Bura V.   Regulation and supervision over systemically important banks №6(110)2016
Sopko V., Ganushchak T.   Accounting provision of the financial security of the enterprise №6(110)2016
Bidiuk A.   Competitiveness of higher education establishments in the learning services market №6(110)2016
Khmurova V., Gorlatova O.   Business environment of educational and scientific activity №6(110)2016
Khoruzhyi G.   Selfidentification of the personality as a social psychological process №2(106)2016
Borovska L.   Origins of issues of institutionalization of person’s desubjectivization principles №2(106)2016
Lipin M.   Cultural and historical memory as a method of reproduction of human nature №2(106)2016
Mazaraki A., Lagutin V.   Internal trade of Ukraine in crisis socio-economic challenges №6(104)2015
Piatnitska G.   State regulation of prices in domestic market №6(104)2015
Fedulova L.   Innovative development of Ukraine’s economy №6(104)2015
Prisuazhnuyk A.   Educational models in cluster fusion №6(104)2015
Mykolenko E.   Institutions and their impact on economic development №6(104)2015
Lula P., Wójcik K.   Opinion mining and its importance in the activity of contemporary enterprises №6(104)2015
Mikuła B.   Knowledge management as a tool for improving the growth potential of enterprises №6(104)2015
Danylenko M.   Internet distribution of hotel services №6(104)2015
Shulga N., Chornyy A., Stepashova A.   Systematic risk assessment of banks №6(104)2015
Bus’ko K.   Principles of risks transparency in banks’ activity №6(104)2015
Korol S.   Formation of acconting: social aspect №6(104)2015
Kopotiienko T.   Internal audit of the operating costs of restaurant enterprises №6(104)2015
    On the awarding the title of "Honorary Doctor of KNTEU" to Grigore Belostecinic №6(98)2014
Mazaraki A., Lagutin V.   Domestic market of Ukraine in an unstable global economy №6(98)2014
Zubritskiy A.   Ukrainian export diversification: macro level analysis №6(98)2014
Fomina O.   Trading enterprise management reporting system №6(98)2014
Novikova N.   Credit policy of trade enterprises №6(98)2014
Furman T.   Basic strategies in the management of development of the enterprise №6(98)2014
Shulga N., Chornyy A., Husach A.   The global misbalance influence on bank’s credit risk №6(98)2014
Volosovych S.   State specialized funds in the system of economic programs implementation №6(98)2014
Nasibova O.   Income generation of PAYG pension system №6(98)2014
Huliaevа N.   Competence-based measurement of higher education quality №6(98)2014
Mróz T.   Securing functions of linked contracts №5(97)2014
Czech M.   Insurance of the environmental risks of the entrepreneurs in Poland №5(97)2014
Mazaraki A., Melnyk T.   Foreign–trade Sector of Ukrainian Economy №6(92)2013
Makogon Y.   Prospectives of innovative development of ukraine's economy №6(92)2013
Niameshchuk H.   High-technology sectors of economy: national and international dimensions №6(92)2013
Deineka T.   Institutional aspect of modern global discrepancies №6(92)2013
Melnychenko S.   Health resort enterprises: between stagnation and modernization №6(92)2013
Sytnyk H.   Capital Structure Optimization of trade enterprises №6(92)2013
Maslova N.   Leadgeneration as a part of the customer orientation of a bank №6(92)2013
Zhukovska V., Mykolaichuk I.   The assessment methods of social partners potential in the trade enterprises №6(92)2013
Shulga N., Gordienko T.   Risk matrix of bank credit management №6(92)2013
Gurzhiy T.   National administrative-delict legislation reforming conceptual background №6(92)2013
Solovyov V.   Theory of "rational crime" as the basis of national anti-corruption strategy №6(92)2013
Krupka Y.   The nature of economic law as a branch of law №6(92)2013
Gurzhiy A.   Procedures subjects of the cases regarding violation of freight traffic safety laws №6(92)2013
Mazaraki A., Melnyk T.   Import and prospects of import substitution in Ukraine №6(86)2012
Mazina A.   Evaluation and factors of development of human capital №6(86)2012
Syvanenko G.   Business climate as a prerequisite for innovation development of the country №6(86)2012
Melnichenko S., Avdan O.   Brand creation in tourism enterprises №6(86)2012
Gryniuk N.   Consumers’ associations’ performance effectiveness rating №6(86)2012
Sytnyk H.   Financial planning in value-based management №6(86)2012
Vedmed N.   Methodological bases of typification of subjects of sanatorium-resort activity №6(86)2012
Lebedeva L.   Formational aspects of post-industrial society’s concept №6(86)2012
Tarasiuk M., Rudenko I.   Local taxes and fees within the framework of taxation reforms in Ukraine №6(86)2012
Grubov V., Kulagin Y.   Crisis of politics of cultural diversity in the European social sphere №6(86)2012
Shkepu M.   Inversation of semantics and semantics of inversatsiion in the “Logos” of modern history №6(86)2012
Imre G.   Hungarian investments into the economy of the Transcarpathian region №5(85)2012
Baghdasaryan A.   Problems of pension system reforms in the countries with transition economy №3(83)2012
Medvéné Dr Szabad K.   Wellness and SPA tourism in Hungary now and in the future 2009–2011 №1(69)2010

The diagnosis of economic security of the enterprise