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UDC 339.138:640.41
BOYKO Marharyta,
Doctor of Sciences (Economics), Professor at the Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Business Department of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics
SUPRUNOVA Yevheniia,
Postgraduate Student at the Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Business Department of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics
In this article general trends of Ukrainian hotel services market are defined according to the results of analytical and factual material. It is suggested that application of new marketing concepts is actual for the revitalization of domestic hotel business. It is proved that concepts should ensure application of an integrated approach for solving marketing problems.
It has been found that modern marketing paradigm is based on the contradictions of social and economic life of society. It has been determined that the dual role of marketing is regarded both through a prism of customer satisfaction, and as a tool for consumption maximizing. From these scientific positions the relevance of holistic marketing concept application in operation of hotel industry enterprises has been substantiated. Debatability of holistic marketing theory, problems with interaction of marketing concepts as components of holistic marketing, lack of elaboration of holistic marketing formation of methodological approaches determine the aim and priority tasks of this article.
According to the results of theoretical analysis were selected directions that reflect potential for formation and application of holistic marketing concept in hotel industry enterprises. Methodological principles of holistic marketing development have been defined.
Key holistic marketing tools have been identified and systematized for efficient impact on the market of hotel services and for coordinated solving of economic, administrative and social problems. It has been found that holistic marketing allows using internal, integrated, socially responsible and relationships marketing technologies. The possibility of creating innovative marketing management mechanism for regulation interaction system between all actors of the hotel services market has been proved. Key features of holistic marketing concept have been identified. It has been proved that the use of holistic marketing in hotel enterprises will contribute to holistic achievement of strategic goals and marketing objectives.
Keywords: holistic marketing, integrative approach, holistic mechanism of marketing activities, relationship marketing, internal marketing, integrated marketing, performance marketing.