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DUBOVYK Tetiana,
Candidate of Sciences (Economics), Associate Professor at the Department of Marketing and Advertisement of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics
At the present stage of economic development happens the rapid growth of information technology, which focused on the vast majority of consumers in Ukraine. New Internet technologies are changing principles of business marketing.
Method and system of selling products undergo progressive change in the world. The volume of e-commerce in Ukraine are increasing regardless of changes in economic conditions.
The problem of development and management of online trading in the current conditions in Ukraine is of paramount importance due to intensification of the concentration of retail facilities, the development and the emergence of new technologies and models use the Internet activities of commercial enterprises; dynamic market in its various segments, increased competition from foreign subjects; modification of forms and types of competition, including the revitalization of Internet marketing activities of commercial enterprises.
Based on comparative analysis of market trade and e-commerce in Ukraine and abroad, the article analyzes the current status, trends and prospects of e-commerce in Ukraine, as well as the business model of companies on the market of Internet commerce, defined portrait of the Ukrainian Internet buyer, are the key factors of market growth of Internet commerce in Ukraine.
According to the research of the author, the next five years in Ukraine will be observed rapid growth of Internet commerce, due to activation of e-commerce in the regions of Ukraine; growth in Internet sales in Kiev and cities of over one million people, the emergence of new market participants (e-shops networks of retail trade enterprises) and, as a consequence, increase  in the level of competition, there will appear new technologies to lower prices, quality of customer service will improve.
Keywords: e-commerce, Internet, Internet users, online shopper, retail, commercial enterprise, a network of retail outlets.