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Lazebna I. Nacional’na ekonomichna bezpeka: model’ strategichnogo upravlinnja. Visnyk Kyi’vs’kogo nacional’nogo torgovel’no-ekonomichnogo universytetu. 2022. №1. S. 45-57. http://doi.org/10.31617/1.2022(141)03

DOI: http://doi.org/10.31617/1.2022(141)03

UDC 339.97-049.5]:005.21
JEL Classification F52

PhD (Economics), Associate Professor,Associate Professor of the Department of Public Administration
State University of Trade and Economics
19, Kyoto St., Kyiv, 02156, Ukraine
ORCID: 0000-0001-5668-7487
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Introduction. The complex of problems rela­ted to market transformations is exacerbated by such economic phenomena as the state budget deficit, inflation, declining production, unemployment and a significant deterioration in the lives of the population.
Problem. Ensuring the economic security of the country is one of those problems that never lose its relevance in practical and applied terms and re­quire increased attention from representatives of all branches of scientific knowledge.  
The aim of the paper is to develop a model of national economic security management. 
Methods. Methods of system ana­lysis, classi­fication, comparative-retro­spec­tive analy­sis and abstraction, modeling are used in the research process. The legal framework of Ukraine, materials of Ministries and other public authorities as well as scientific papers of domes­tic and foreign scientists are the infor­mation base of the study. 
Results. The essence of the term "security" and "economic security" is analyzed. The algorithm of modeling and development of managerial decisions in the field of national economic security and the characteristics of its stages are revealed. A concep­tual model of national economic security manage­ment is proposed, in which a systematic method is used, which allowed to develop the principles of national economic security management (NES).
ConclusionsPublic administration needs to cre­ate a system for identifying threats to natio­nal inte­rests by conducting strategic manage­ment through modeling and development of mana­gement deci­sions in the field of national economic secu­rity. The basis of the process of institutional change can be a model of strategic management of national econo­mic security. The essence of which is that the existing institutional environment is determined and develo­ped by planning elements in the form of the concept and strategy of economic security, stan­dards of po­pulation needs, regulations that fix the sources and amount of funds to ensure national economic security. 
The development of methodological principles for the formation and operation of the components of the proposed model of strategic management of the NES of Ukraine, as well as refining the methods of its imple­mentation are the prospects for further research.
Keywords: security, economic security, stra­tegic management, model of national economic security management. 


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