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UDC 338.43(477)
Dragomanov National Pedagogical University,
Candidate of Sciences (Economics), Senior Lecturer
Background. Determination of the priority of the legal form of management is an important task for the formation of highly effective competitive agricultural sector in Ukraine that will be able to bring it to the level of developed countries in the world, create economic base for the welfare of farmers and for the conservation and development of the countryside,.
The aim of the paper is to investigate the formation and effectiveness of various forms of economic structures in the agricultural sector of Ukraine, and outline prospects for further development in the context of solving economic and social problems in the village.
Results. As a result of agricultural reform in Ukraine on the basis of private ownership of land in conjunction with the individual, family and collective forms of work organization different size farm units were created that can be reduced to three market forms of economic activity - the individual peasant, farms and agricultural companies.
The results of modern agricultural enterprises in Ukraine demonstrate the benefits of private forms. Today, however, the success of economic reforms depends on the development of stratification and competition between different forms of management. As a part of such mixed system should be agricultural cooperatives (production and service), which should create a competitive market environment, promote the revival of large commodity production, investment in the agricultural sector, provide employment to farmers and consideration of their interests, promote the preservation of rural areas. However, it is important to prevent the transformation of cooperatives into monopolistic structures. Along with them, other economic structures have to develop.
Conclusion. Agricultural cooperation has to become an important part of development strategy of the agricultural sector of Ukraine. However, other forms of enterprises should develop. State should contribute to increasing processes of regional specialization and integration as beneficial forms of cooperation between members of the agricultural market, development of cluster organization and management of agricultural production.
Keywords: agrarian sector, agricultural enterprises, cooperation.