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Автор: Sveta on .

DOI: http://doi.org/10.31617/visnik.knute.2018(121)08

UDC 334.012.61-022.51(477)

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor, Doctoral Candidate of the Department of Management of the Kiev National University of Trade and Economics


Background. Small entrepreneurship is an important socio-economic factor of the country’s development, provides for the creation of new jobs, contributes to overcoming unemployment, increasing the gross domestic product, and also stimulates the competitiveness and innovation potential of the economy.
Analysis of recent research and publications. Ukrainian and foreign scholars-economists studied the problem of strategic development of small business, but using foreign experience is only possible if it is adapted to Ukrainian realities.
The aim of the article is substantiation of strategic priorities of development of national small business taking into account current trends in the context of world and European integration.
Materials and methods. During the research, the following general scientific and special methods of knowledge were used: grouping, comparison, analysis and synthesis, graphical method and generalization method.
Results. In the article the main tendencies of development of the national small business are investigated, namely: it was found out that small entrepreneurship at the present stage is represented mainly by the Micro entities; during the last years there have been no significant positive changes in the growth of the number of small business entities; the share of small business entities in the structure of business entities has remained almost unchanged in the last eight years and ranges from 94.3% to 95.5%; the number of employed workers in small businesses tends to decrease; the largest volumes of sold products (goods and services) by small business entities were recorded in the wholesale and retail trade; The share of GDP created by small business entities is at 7.7 %, unlike the developed countries of the world, where it corresponds to the figure of 20 – 90 %. One of the require­ments for an effective national strategy for the development of small businesses is the need to implement the norms of the current legislation. Therefore, taking into account the state and trends of development of the national small business, the definition of its strategic priorities is a prerequisite for the formation of an effective development strategy.
Conclusion. Strategic priorities for the development of small business in Ukraine are formulated in the context of modern world and euro integration processes: creation of a compe­titive business environment in Ukraine, in particular, in certain regions; effective scientifically sub­stantiated review of the current regulatory norms of Ukrainian legislation; simplification of access of small business entities to credit resources and lease of state property; increase of innovative potential of small business; development of cooperation between small, medium and large enter­prises; improvement of information provision; ensuring protection of the rights of small business entities in relations with controlling bodies, improving the licensing and licensing system; reduc­tion of tax pressure on small businesses, including assistance in reducing the volume of informal employment through the improvement of tax legislation; promoting the development of priority sectors of small business; development of social entrepreneurship; ecologization; facilitating access of national small business entities to European markets, joining them to the European Enterprise Network; stimulating the participation of small business entities in national and European small business support and development programs.
Keywords: strategic priorities, development strategy, small business, small business entities, micro-entities.


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