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Автор: Sveta on .

DOI: http://doi.org/10.31617/visnik.knute.2018(121)04

UDC 338.487:[004:659.1

MAZARAKI Anatoliy,
Doctor of Economics, Professor, rector of the Kiev National University of Trade and Economics 

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Vice-rector of the scientific work of the Kiev National University of Trade and Economics 

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Senior Lecturer of the Hotel and Restaurant Business Department of the Kiev National University of Trade and Economics 

Background. In the conditions of globalization and high level of society’s internetization, the implementation of Internet marketing tools into the activities of hotel industry enterprises is a priority. This leads to inconsistencies in the level of Internet technology use with existing capabilities. The aggravation of the problem occurs due to lack of methodological background that would contribute to the harmonious infusion of the system of Internet marketing into the components of marketing policy.
The aim of the article is to summarize the determinants influencing the introduction of Internet marketing by hotel industry enterprises, the disclosure of the capabilities to use Internet marketing tools in the marketing policy of enterprises.
Materials and methods. Methods of dialectical, system analysis, which became the basis for studying the use of Internet marketing tools in the activities of hotel industry enterprises, were used to conduct research within the mentioned problem. On the basis of marketing research methods (expert assessments, sociological surveys), trends in the development of search engines, mobile marketing, social media, and Internet advertising were determined. The substantive and formal logic methods were used in the development of the funnel of hotel product (services) sales in the Internet environment. The conducted research is based on the reporting of hotel enterprises, survey data, and information resources on the Internet. The information has been processed using modern technological tools.
Results. The theoretical aspect of Internet marketing research suggests that generally accepted tools, such as, web sites, search engine optimization, mobile marketing and Internet advertising, characterize the hotel industry enterprises. However, Internet reservation systems can be pointed among specific tools in this area. The variability to use Internet reservation forms and their significant coefficient determine the uniqueness of the Internet marketing system for the enterprise and make fundamental choices of tools for Internet marketing implementation. The essence of determinants influencing Internet marketing implementation by hotel industry enterprises has been revealed. The possibilities to use Internet marketing tools in the marketing policy of enterprises and the influence on results of Internet marketing activity have been presented. Possible ways of audience growth using Internet marketing tools and the funnel of hotel product (services) sales in the Internet environment have been introduced.
Conclusion. Different factors determine the choice of Internet marketing tools. The com­bination of tools, tasks imposed on tools, interaction between tools and tasks, and availability of resources to search for development opportunities of tools, define the uniqueness to use the Internet marketing system by the enterprise. In this case, the type, the category, and the location have an indirect effect, but the key factor is formation and implementation of the hotel product (service) based on the interaction of selected tools.
Subsequent studies will be focused on applied aspects to use Internet marketing tools in the formation of components for the marketing policy of hotel industry enterprises.
Keywords: Internet marketing, Internet marketing tools, mobile marketing, search engines, Internet advertising, Internet audience, Internet environment, Internet visitors, traffic, determinants, hotel industry enterprises.


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