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Автор: Sveta on .

PhD in Economics, Associate Professor of the Department of Commerceand Logistics of
Kyiv NationalUniversity of Trade and Economics

PhD in Economics, Associate Professor of the Department of Commerce and Logistics of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics
Background. Trade is an important type of economic activity, one of the budget-creating spheres, which ensures the quality of life of the population, the development of the economy as a whole and in fact plays the role of the economic regulator. Its development is a prerequisite for improving the production process: it forces domestic producers to take into account the demands of society. With the help of trade, there is a more or less optimal balance between production and consumption, which also determines the relevance of the analysis of the dynamics of indicators of the state of retail trade network of Ukraine.
An analysis of recent studies and publications shows that the development of retail trade in Ukraine is being studied by many domestic and foreign scientists, but many aspects remain unclear.
The aim of the study is to analyze the current state and problems of the organization of retail trade in stores and identify the main trends in their development by analyzing indicators such as retail turnover, inventories, average store retail space and the number of trade enterprises.
Materials and methods. Data of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine were the materials of the research. Methods of deduction, induction, comparison, statistical analysis, systematization, graphical, tabular, etc.were used in the process of work on the article.
Results. Retail trade turnover indicators of enterprises of retail trade (except for cars, motorcycles and fuel) in Ukraine, retail turnover in urban and rural areas, food and non-food products per 1 person, inventory in retail network of enterprises, number of shops of enterprises-legal entities in Ukraine, their area and specialization were analysed. The dynamics of such indicators was calculated and analyzed: the population’s provision with retail spacem², 10,000 people; retail space for 1 shop, m²; load on 1 store in urban and rural areas. We proposed the following measures: a complex of institutional reforms (further administrative reform, protection of entrepreneurial rights, elimination of baseless administrative barriers); ordering the distribution of the retail network, eliminating unauthorized trading; protection of consumer rights; assuring the quality and safety of consumer goods and services; strengthening of interaction with consumer organizations.
Conclusion. The trade dynamically develops under the influence of a number of factors, in particular the purchasing power of the population, the provision of goods, the development of the material and technical base. Every year the volumes of goods turnover of RTE, volumes of goods turnover per capita, stocks of goods in retail trade are increasing. However, the number of stores decreases each year.
Against the background of high growth rates of sales, there are structural changes. The structure of the retail chain is significantly improving, the share of unorganized specialized non-food stores, small retail outlets located within pedestrian availability and trading in a wide range of goods decreases, a network of discounters and hypermarkets, and representatives of foreign retail chains appear.
Keywords: retail trade network, shop, retail trade turnover.