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Автор: Sveta on .

UDC 17.021.2
BABINA Svitlana

PhD, Associate Professor at the Philosophical and Social Sciences Department
KyivNational Universityof Trade and Economics
Background. In the conditions of the information society, which is characterized by the transience of social reality, the person needs a self-determination in his existance, because the self-identity of an individual becomes more unstable. In everyday life the mask is chosen by man as a means of play, which determines his special position in the "world of roles." In this context, the topical issue for the study of self-identity of a person in a modern society is to find out the meaning that has a mask in the process of identity self-identification.
The aim of the article is the disclosure of the existential-anthropological significance of the mask for self-identity of a person in a modern society.
Materials and methods. An interdisciplinary research method and an existential approach have helped to achieve the goal set in the article. The use of such general philosophical methods and principles as objectivity and historicity, analysis and synthesis contributed to the implementation of these methods and approaches.
Results. The person of the information society is, first and foremost, an urbanized person. Its way of life leads to an over-saturation of the individual I with all possible We, that is, a system of self-identification within the framework of certain social communities. Increasingly, it is a question of open identity, in which the factor of its mobility is Another. Identity of the individual is perceived as an incomplete project. Its creative formation is a constant moment, substantive for I and identifies it. The self-identity of a person in a modern society is something like a game in which a proteistic personality freely chooses its identity and can imagine himself in different mask-images depending on life situation.
Conclusion. The self-identity of the a proteistic personality is changeable. All individual masks, which he, while playing roles, shows, are not always a given identity. However, existentially, he was allowed to find himself among other forms of human existence and in these types of socialization. The proteistic personality selects a mask as an individual means of human existence in a social space. Such a personality is conditioned by those values that he possesses and relates to himself, thus building his image, revealing his identity in it.
Keywords: mask, self-identity, proteistic personality, Another.