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Автор: Sveta on .

UDC 81’373.612.2:14

Lecturer at the Philosophy Department of Uzhhorod National University 

Background. The metaphor is essentially and functionally connected with a symbol. It reflects the same type of connections as symbols do: the conceptual and structural relations between different levels of existence. If a sign is always smaller than the concept represented, a symbol contains more than its obvious meaning.
The aim of the article is to outline the figurative and symbolic nature of the metaphor and its articulation, and to spread it at the level of social consciousness by means of education.
Materials and methods. The main methods for this study are methods of extrapolation, transition from abstract to concrete, analysis and synthesis.
Results. In the field of education, there is a stereotypical notion of a metaphor as a kind of linguistic decoration, an aesthetic, artistic and symbolic complement to the content of phenomena and processes. This representation is an incorrect simplification, so it needs to be corrected in the form of defining the real functional and instrumental capabilities of the metaphor.
Conclusion. The holographic interpretation of metaphors compares them with the images living in the human mind and the whole human culture. The capability of presenting a problem as image facilitates greatly the search of the expected result. In general, the functioning of metaphors is based on the productive capacity of presentation as common genealogic basis of emotions and ratio.
A promising direction is the research approach to the relationship between metaphor and symbols and archetypes as holographic phenomena of a larger scale.
Keywords:substantial and functional relationship, conceptual and structural relations, image, symbol, holographic interpretation of metaphor, productive capability of imagination.