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Автор: Sveta on .

UDC 17.024.4:11.61(471)
GUDKOV Serhii,
PhD, Associate Professor at the Philosophical and Social Sciences Department
KyivNational Universityof Trade and Economics
Background. The socio-cultural crisis in the modern world is becoming global and requires a rethinking of the philosophical and economic approaches to the problems of human cooperation, giving a new impetus to the world economy, etc. In this connection, the problem of the development of such a scientific direction as the philosophy of the economy is sharply presented to complement and enrich the economic theory and philosophy in order to overcome the consequences of the socio-economic crisis in Ukraine.
Analysis of recent research and publications. Ukrainian researchers point to the applied orientation of modern philosophy of the economy. It is based on ideals and norms, the basic principles of economic science, and the modern economic picture of the world is formed.
Materials and methods. The theoretical basis of the study is a praxeological approach to solving most economic problems. Hermeneutics, phenomenology, synergetics and some other modern philosophical approaches are considered as a methodological basis.
Results. In Ukraine, scholars use a wide range of philosophical approaches to create an effective socially oriented model of economic development of the state. Economic culture in Ukraine is gradually losing its monistic, non-alternative, uniformity, immorality, corruption, bribery and creates real conditions for self-realization and self-development of all its citizens.
Conclusion. In Ukraine, such promising branch of science as the philosophy of the economy appears on the brink of philosophy and economic theory. It is an independent branch of knowledge that provides a philosophical understanding of the content of the main economic categories. Economic ontology, economic gnoseology and economic ethics are important components of the philosophy of economics
Keywords:philosophy of economy, economic sphere, economic picture of the world, economic ontology, economic epistemology, economic ethics, philosophy of money, praxeology.