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Автор: Sveta on .

UDC 159.9

LIPIN Mykola,
PhD, Associate Professor at the Philosophy and Social Sciences Department of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics
Background. Humanity is moving from a state of almost complete indivisibility with the world to transforming man into the ruling center of this world. In this perspective, history can be regarded as the process of human emancipation, within which human self-realization takes place by overcoming the world. As a result of this liberation project, the following pattern appears: the "smaller" the person becomes, the more "it" shades off the world, the more illusory becomes the experience of reality, the more ubiquitous authority body becomes.
The aim of the article is to consider the essence of power as one of the ways of producing reality.
Materials and methods. The article uses scientific publications of domestic and foreign authors on these problems. During the research, general analytical methods were used: analysis and synthesis, generalization of material, as well as special ones in revealing theoretical and methodological principles of understanding the role and place of power in the social existence of man.
Results. At the beginning of the 20th century, when the fundamental insecurity of human existence arose not only as a theoretical but also as a practical problem, it turned out that the world was also no less problematic. Time of loss of the world is sometimes a loss of its own "I". The feeling of this loss in the early twentieth century is represented in the attempts of existentialism to comprehend the facts of "homelessness", "absurdity" and "neglect" of human existence. Earlier, it was not just understood, but literally realized in the fate of F. Nietzsche because of his loosing himself. Today, gradually comes the realization that the fate of man and the world are inextricably linked. Thus, the depletion of the real manifests itself inextricably linked to the lack of human.
Conclusion. Power as a way of ensuring the rule of man in its limit manifestations turns into a loss of human in man. The essence of this process is self-sufficiency of power. Everything that exists is involved as a resource in the struggle for power. As M. Heidegger wrote, the whole struggle for power in advance is already under the control of the authorities. Instead of reality, a void is created, which a person tries to fill in with various simulacrama.
Keywords:power, language, mind, "picture of the world", reality, truth.