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Автор: Sveta on .

UDC 659.126:[17.022.1:004.738.5:339]
Postgraduate student of the Marketing and Advertising Department of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics
Background. The topics of brand management and branding technology, in particular, as well as its importance for creating the reputation of retail e-commerce companies, are relatively new to Ukraine. There is a need for research in the direction of brand management in the Internet as a whole and its particular aspects.
Analysis of recent research and publications has shown that despite the existence of individual research papers on brand management, Internet commerce and company reputation, it is necessary to study the issue of the activities of retail e-commerce companies and the influence of brand management on its reputation.
The aim of the paper is to reveal the role of brand management of the retail e-commerce company in shaping its reputation, to identify reputational factors important for online store customers, whose management by means of branding technology will contribute to the formation of a positive reputation of online businesses.
Materials and methods. The research used the work of scientists who contributed to the theoretical and methodological aspects of brand management, legislation of Ukraine, Internet resources of research companies, as well as the results of research of online shoppers conducted by the author of the article. The following methods were applied: bibliographic, induction and deduction, analysis and synthesis; poll.
Results. The statistics, collected and cited in the article, shows the importance of brand management and, in particular, branding technology for retail e-commerce companies. The results of the scientific research carried out by the author of the article confirm the relevance of the brands on the Internet and make it possible to conclude that the important factors influencing the decision to choose an online store are reputable. Their list has been determined, the essence has been studied and a comment has been given to each of them. Thanks to the survey an assessment of the importance of each of the factors of the online buyers who participated in the study has been received. Recommendations on taking factors into account in the process of brand management as an important factor for the formation of the online stores’ reputation were given.
Conclusion. Unlike existing publications, interdependence between brand management and retail e-commerce reputation has been considered for the first time. The list of reputational factors of brand-management of online stores is formulated, their rating from the point of view of online buyers is given. Thus, the importance of branding and brand management technology for online trading companies as a significant factor in the formation of their positive reputation has been substantiated. Recommendations for taking into account each of the proposed factors are given. Further research is needed to address the actual reputation factors of brand management through branding technology in Ukraine and to explore other factors of brand management of retail companies.
Keywords: branding, brand management, reputation, retail e-commerce company, online store.