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Автор: Sveta on .

UDC 658:005.922.1:33
Ph.D. in Economics, Professor of Enterprise Economics and Finance Department of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics
Ph.D. in Economics, Senior lecturer of Enterprise Economics and Finance Department of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics
Background. In the modern terms of ménage functioning of separate enterprise as a subject of market relations it is inferior influence of various factors, majority from which have destructive character. It stipulates growth of role and meaningfulness of administrative instruments of prediction and leveling of threats, caused the various factors of risk of economic firmness and security. Consequently the stable functioning of enterprise, its competitiveness at the market and possibility of its increase are related to the level of its economic security.
Analysis of recent research and publications. Research of range of problems of economic security of enterprise of foreign and Ukrainian researchers was engaged. However, concept of theory of economic security of enterprise and general methodological model are in the stage of becoming, need the unambiguity of determinations and clear construction of theoretical positions. Features of complex management in the format of the systems of economic security of enterprises, including trade, after the functional of having a special purpose of its economic strength security needs further research.
The aim of the article is a lineation of basic to the progress of enterprises of domestic trade and selection of facilities of achievement of having a special purpose economic strength security trend.
Materials and methods. For the achievement of the aim the following approaches and research methods were used: method of logical generalization, synthesis and analysis.
Results. Forming of economic security of enterprises on the modern stage substantially strengthening of negative influence of factors of environment of crisis character, it`s necessity to determine effective instruments to achieveme a special purpose effectiveness of enterprises activity. Creation of the clear system of parameters and indicators of economic security of enterprise including trade to destructive influence are the tools of management of their achievement, development of criteria of firmness processes by the urgent task of theorists and practical workers on the modern stage of development of administrative technologies.
Conclusion. Prevention and neutralization of negative influence of external and internal threats are possible by warning and timely reaction on them by the subject of menage through introduction of mechanisms and instruments of forming of economic security within the limits of general control system by an enterprise.
Keywords: economic security, threats, factors of influence, enterprise, management instruments.