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Автор: Sveta on .

UDC 336.14:332(477.44)
PhD in Economics, Associate Professor of Finance Department of VINNYTSIA INSTITUTE OF TRADE AND ECONOMICS of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics


Background. Responsibility of local authorities for the results of their financial activities increases due to administrative-territorial reform and ensuring independence of local budgets. This leads to improvement of the mechanism of analysis of financial stability of local budgets to assess the effectiveness of fiscal policy at the local level. The solution to this problem is possible by using a complex system of financial stability analysis, which provides information on the effectiveness of local government, the level of financial independence from government and sufficient funds for their duties and obligations.
The aim of the study is a comprehensive assessment of financial stability of local budgets of Vinnitsa region.
Materials and methods. The basis of the study were methods of generalisation, comparison, analysis and synthesis – to determine the general and specific features in the components of the financial stability of local budgets, ratio analysis - to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the financial sustainability of local budgets. Information base was formed from scientific research of domestic and foreign scholars and experts, statistical data and Internet sources.
Results. Describing thresholds of integral index of financial stability of local budgets we should note that a number of scientists suggest that normal financial conditions of a budget are those in which the integral factor of financial stability of a budget is within 0.7-0.8. The most desirable coefficient is the one as close to 1 as possible. However, given the peculiarities of the policy of decentralization of financial resources, economic realities and political system of Ukraine, nowadays it is very difficult to achieve absolute financial stability of local budgets.
Conclusion. Increasing the integral index of financial stability of the budget is the result of increasing the revenue, but growth of dependence on financial aid from the state budget remains very high. The main problem of stability of Vinnitsa region is the high financial dependence of local governments on the financial resources of national importance.
Keywords: budget, financial stability, decentralization, region, income, expenditures, transfers.