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УДК: 005.339.138:33.01

Ukrainian State University of Finance and Trade,
Doctor of Sciences (Economics), Head of the International Management and Marketing Department
Background. The article is devoted to the methodological aspects of marketing. The author forms methodological discourse of marketing on the theoretical basis of behavioral economics, theory of consumption and rational choice.
Review of scientific sources in this direction points that today in national and international scientific space fundamental researches concerning methodological basis of marketing as scientific discipline are practically absent. There is various literature concerning behavioral economics, theory of consumption, theory of rational choice, theory of consumer behavior, theory of utility etc. But marketing theory needs their synthesis, the keystone of which is economic and social content of process of consumer advantages formation and its specification in the real consumption. The purpose of the article is to study this problem.
Results. Fundamental concept that is operated by marketing, is a concept of "rational choice", but, as the author proves, choice must be examined in a context of the theory of normative rational choice. Marketing – is one of institutional mechanisms that forms the norms of consumer behavior and simultaneously provides through the influence on the production their achievement. So marketing is an informative process that is aimed at the change of consumer values of human and his economic behavior in the sphere of consumption with the purpose of maximization of function of utility of the subject that is the initiator of this process.
Conclusion. Marketing is based on methodological basis of behavioral economics; forming of consumer advantages and demand structure is made in the paradigm of theory of normative rational choice and asymmetric market information; marketing is subjected by business.
Keywords: marketing, values, needs, behavioral economics, consumption theory, normative theory of rational choice.