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Автор: Sveta on .

UDC 640.4
Doctor of Economics, Professor, Vice Rector on Scientific Work of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics
KUDLAI Tetiana,
PhD in Economics, Senior Lecturer of Hospitality Business Department of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics


Background. The dynamic development of the hotel business over the past year has undergone significant changes due to the reduction in tourist flows. This resulted in low occupancy rate of independent hotels, while this indicator of network enterprises of hotel industry was twice as big. Studies indicate the efficiency of hotel industry enterprises as a part of international or national hotel chais, but it is necessary to substantiate the efficiency of entering the chain and choice of forms of hotel management.
Analysis of recent research and publications showed underdevelopment of issues related to specifics of hotel chains in terms of contract management.
In this regard, the aim is to study the most appropriate form of hotel chains management using the method of "decision tree".
Materials and methods. The study used the following methods: complex-based approach; structural logic and comparative analysis; synthesis; induction and deduction (for the study of practical recommendations); expert analysis; graphic (for visual presentation of the results of empirical research); situational analysis (for the data processing of statistics of hotel operators’ reports).
Results. It was established that the chain form of organization of hospitality industry provides new competitive advantages compared with the activities of independent hotel enterprises, which in many cases do not meet the stringent requirements of the modern hotel business. The authors substantiated the most suitable form of hotel chain management using the method of "decision tree". Benefits of entering the domestic or international hotel chain in terms of contract management were proven. Phased entry of national hotel operator to the enterprise chain was developed.
Conclusion. As the results of the calculations made using the method of "decision tree" showed, entering the hotel chain can not only reduce costs and increase revenues, but also ensure the speed of response to changing conditions. The process of entering the hotel chain in terms of contract management ensures full compliance with the established requirements of the operator to the hotel management company, that significantly increases the probability of success of hotel enterprise on the national market due to high competitiveness.
Keywords: hotel management, hotel chain, decision tree, SWOT analysis.