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Автор: Sveta on .

UDC 930.1:159.923.2(=161.2)
SHYP Nadiya,
Doctor of Sciences (History), Professor, Professor at the Philosophy and Social Sciences Department of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics


Background. The lack of theoretical justification of European choice of Ukraine, uncertainty of the national idea, social and economic stagnation minimize the European aspirations of the compatriots. In this situation, the question of determination of the civilization identity of Ukrainians as a spiritual talisman from foreign influences caused by accelerated globalization is becoming very relevant.
The aim of the article is an attempt to set off a political flavor in the definition of civilizational identity, describe the conceptual apparatus and clarify the phenomenon of the regional identity of Donbass.
Materials and methods. The study used general philosophical principles and methods of scientific knowledge: objectivity, dialectical logic, historical analysis and synthesis, comparison.
Results. Society expects from scientists impartial, objective answers to the question of Ukrainian civilization identity to overcome the political, methodological and socio-humanitarian crisis that emerged in relations between Ukraine and Russia. Civilization identity is typically implemented within local civilization, reflecting the division between "us", "they" and "strangers". It occurs in the interaction of a person or group of people with others and is detected through the use of the comparative method. Transcultural specifics of Ukraine is due to its location on the civilizational fault line, colonial and post-colonial infringements of the neighbors. Based on factual material historical specificity of non-national identity of Donbass has been determined.
Conclusion. There is a wide range of issues related to the definition of Ukrainian identity in foreign and Ukrainian historiosophical discourse. Now foreign and Western Ukrainian authors in their studies review the concepts of Soviet historical science concerning the relationship of Ukrainian and Russian peoples, their common past, instead they focus on differences in ethnogenesis, outlook and so on. Now the problem of civilization identity has moved from scientific plane into the disguised political one. It is proposed to urgently discuss this issue at international scientific forums to achieve consensus on a constructive basis.
Keywords: identity, Ukrainians, civilization, historiosophy, region, regionalism, Donbass.