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Автор: Sveta on .

UDC  111:165.65(091)
PhD, Assistant Lecturer at the Department of Philosophy, Sociology and Religious Studies of Carpathian National University named after V. Stefanik


Background. Strict and consistent thinking inevitably rests on the question of the origin. The question of origin is a necessary beginning of any philosophy. However, the origin is never given – we deal with the consequences and manifestations and hence the difficulty of origin. The revolutionary novelty of Kantian thought is generally recognized as Kantian criticism radically reshapes epistemology. If it’s generally accepted that critical thinking comes from the ontological and metaphysical issues, this interpretation of Kant is subject to critical, thus analytical and clarifying consideration.
The aim of the article is to identify and demonstrate the metaphysical dimension of Kantian apriorism.
Materials and methods. Critical and historical approach and the principle of coincidence of historical and logical were used to investigate metaphysical dimension Kantian apriorism.
Results.The article substantiates the idea that a priori principles relate to the fullness of human subjectivity that cannot be imagined without focus on the special nature of universals - The Absolute, the world as a whole and freedom. Bordering scope of knowledge is inevitably controversial and antinomic. Nevertheless, it is necessary because conceptualization is integral perfection of knowledge as a specific way of life, and therefore is just in it. Kant strongly enough detects the inconsistency of pure reason, and thus refers to the practical reason, which the man realizes through his practice - in the Kantian sense, life itself, in freedom.
Conclusion. Kant’s gnoseology is ontological by its nature. Kant doesn’t close human in especial rationalistic scheme. On the contrary, he expands sphere of learning to ultimate foundations of human being. Kant’s turn in the philosophy is only possible when referring to some initial, primary structures that clearly demonstrates metaphysical Kantian gnoseologism.
Keywords: apriorism, gnoseologism, criticism, metaphysics.