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Автор: Sveta on .

UDC 930.1
LIPIN Mykola,
PhD, Associate Professor at the Philosophy and Social Sciences Department of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics


Background. The transition from the modern to the postmodern era is accompanied by a reorientation of interest from time to space. "Space shift" is quite a common trend in social and humanitarian studies today. But this transition is  within that paradigm when one of its abstractions is highlighted instead of certain integrity and is endowed with a  dominant significance. In this case, this abstraction is space in which is seen as new opportunities for research and implementation of human existence.
The aim of the article is to find ways of constituting the unity of time and space of human existence as a prerequisite for its creative not reproductive character.
Materials and methods. The following general analytical methods were used during the research: analysis and synthesis, generalization; as well as special ones to study theoretical and methodological foundations of understanding the problems of time and space of human existence.
Results. Characteristic of modern social-humanitarian discourse change from time to space, from history to the natural "body of the nation," from creative person to the land as a scene has been considered. In conditions  of unifying impact of globalization the issue of difference, not only in theoretical terms but also in practice is becoming more acute. In this perspective, questioning the difference appears as the constitution of the differences. This very practical aspect of the problem actualizes "turn to space" to these "places", which opens the possibility of establishing "their" truth and "their" truth.
Conclusion. Interest in the national circuits of various cultural spaces ultimately is right in transsendantation beyond them into a single time-space world. Beyond this there is transsendation man is in the metaphysical and universal opposition of individual, social and personal time or space, which prevents access to the whole as unity of varied. So, we stay away from something really special. In the context of the problem special in human existence is realized as overlap of universal (cultural) time in the duration of individual life as different consituents of historical time in the biography of the person. It is clear that this needs to be done in creative activities, so in speech, text, thing or action and will be done in the human space. In this case we have to talk not about humans and the time and space but about the human time and space as the highest form of self-development of the world.

Keywords: space, time, time-space, globalization, history, government, identity.