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BOIKO Alina,
Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics,
Candidate of Sciences (Economics), doctoral candidate, Associated Professor at the Department of Economic Theory and Competition Policy
Background. The deepening crises in the world economy and the high level of interdependence of national economies have actualized problems of the national economy resilience. The main goal of the research is to formulate the theoretical, methodological and axiological concepts of the national economy resilience.
The purpose of the article is the formation of theoretical, methodological and axiological concepts of national economiy resilience.
Material and methods. Methodological basis of the study is a systematic method of understanding economic phenomena and processes, methods of theoretical generation, analysis and synthesis, the historical method, systematization.
Results. The content of the category "economic resilience" is reflected based on the analysis of the content of the categories "resilience" and "system", the genesis of the concept of mechanical resilience, social and ecosystems’ resilience, and the key features of national economics. The principles of the national economy resilience were determined with reflection of its essential characteristics for optimal functioning, without which the system is unable to fulfill its purpose. The offered principles of national economic resilience include the principle of sustainable development, national self-sufficiency, self-organization principle, and the principle of respect for the natural hierarchy. These principles are the conceptual basis of the national resilience in the global economy.
Conclusion. In comparison with the achievements in resilience concept in the natural sciences, the concept of the national economy resilience is currently studied. In the article author offers to study endogenous nature of national resistance in such internal subsystems as nature-man-society-economy-state. The proposed approach is reflected in the principles of resilience of the national economy, providing an integrated approach to the disclosure of the interaction of global and national development.
Keywords: national economy, economic system, resilience, principle, sustainable development.