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Автор: Sveta on .

UDC 659.126: 339.372.5
Professor, Doctor of Economics, Professor of the Department of Marketing and Advertising of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics 


Background. An efficient way to reduce uncertainty in today's globalized markets is to build sustainable, long-lasting, emotionally charged relationship between producers and consumers by branding products and services. Branding is particularly relevant in consumer markets, in particular in the market of services of retail trade.
Recent researches and publications analysis has showed that the problems of analysis of correspondence between target identity and actual brand image remains poorly studied.
The aim of the article is to analyze the correspondence between the target identity and image of leading retailer brands in the market of Ukraine and to formulate the recommendations regarding the future direction of the brand identity development.
Materials and methods. Scientific works and the results of the research conducted by the author have been used. The following methods have been used: analysis and synthesis to study the identity of brands; statistical analysis and the graphic method to process the results of marketing research; logical method to formulate the recommendations regarding directions of the brand identity development.
Results. Comparing the identity of the brands of leading grocery retail chains with the results of marketing research of brands individual perception by consumers made it possible to evaluate the performance of leading networks existing brand communications. According to the research results the recommendations were formulated regarding further deepening of the individuality of the brand and the formation of their unique identity for consumers.
Conclusion. The formation of a brand identity based on the results of the analysis of its perception by consumers will more clearly define the competitive position of networks, reduce fierce competition in the market of trade services and ensure its own loyal target audience for each brand.
Keywords: brand, branding, brand identity, brand image, food retail chains.