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Автор: Sveta on .

UDC 504:327
PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, Doctoral Student of the International Economy Department


Background. Given the dominance of global competition format and the growing interdependence between countries significance of environmental exhibitors in the processes of global economic transformation is becoming more and more relevant. Existing environmental causal links between countries in space and time change goals of traditional diplomacy because of its diversity of functions: integrational, preventive, public, security and others. International discourse on environmental resonances enables in some way to identify the nature of their origin and aggravation, direct the society to the need to reduce their amplitude. Compromises in this area can be found in the potential environmental diplomacy, integrators of which have different origins: natural, historical, political, economic, cultural, religious and others.
Analysis of recent research and publications showed that the study of specific environmental diplomacy is appropriate in view of the remoteness of natural and historical sources and manifestation of its integrators in world economic relations.
The aim of the article is to determine the environmental diplomacy integrators in terms of their diversity, evolution and interdependence, which is reflected in international economic initiatives and innovative forms of social consolidation.
Materials and methods. The study used methods of macroeconomic analysis to determine environmental diplomacy as a new area of international economic relations, consider this issue in terms of social ecology and international economy.
Results. In the new millennium the format of international economic initiatives to enhance collaboration, cooperation and diplomacy appears strategically advantageous. It enables to overcome the social and political inertia of the countries in creating their own and common environmentally safe future. An important aspect of the functioning of environmental diplomacy is activity of relevant institutions as representatives of the integration entities that are focused on strengthening the global imperative of ecological safety, ensure constructive cooperation of the players of world politics with the aim of harmonizing economic and environmental interests of the countries, improving mechanisms to balance the needs of current and future generations.
Conclusion. Effectiveness of political stability, ensuring economic modernization and implementation of social reformation of society are caused by the mutual influence of systemic factors, including those of natural ecological origin. Manifestation of environmental diplomacy integrators are associated with: the development of greening the world economy, cooperation of countries in market competition in the global market of eco-innovative products; protection and lobbying of national environmental interests; settlement of the issues of trade and economic cooperation; ratification of international treaties and their incorporation in the national environmental legislation, etc.; creating a positive environmental image of countries and others.
Keywords: environmental diplomacy, integrators, natural law, global environmental policy, international economic initiatives and environmental safety.