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Автор: Sveta on .

UDC 339.138:005.4
ROMAT Yevheniy,
Doctor of State Management Science, Professor, Head of the Marketing and Advertising Department of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics 
Background. Integration of Ukraine into the European and world community determines the task of building a modern socially oriented state "with a human face". This causes an increased interest at the state and municipal management level to scientific and practical marketing tools that will allow to understand and to some extent form the needs of target groups. The management concept based on marketing has been tested in business for many years and is actively applied in non-profit sector, including public administration that actualizes studying the problem.
Materials and methods. Author used general scientific methods such as systematic and comparative analysis, synthesis, induction, deduction, modeling, methods of epistemological analysis (analytical, synthesis, scientific abstraction, decomposition, logic, comparison), systematic principle, of universal connection and development.
Results. Basic aspects of the introduction of the marketing concept in public administration were highlighted. Basic approaches to the understanding of marketing in the public administration were determined. Main marketing types (state and municipal) were identified.
It was found that public administration is seen in two basic approaches. The first and most extended sense is focused on the management aspect. The second broader approach is associated with the implementation of marketing functions. It focuses on the concepts of exchange and relationships that occur between a public organization and those individuals and groups who seek to satisfy their needs. This public sector marketing seeks to formulate and propose solutions regarding exchange and relations arising between public organizations and individuals, groups, organizations or communities because of the demands of performance-oriented public service tasks and services.
Conclusion. The concept of marketing in public administration today is not yet established and is characterized by a multiplicity of approaches to it.
Analysis of a large number of works of domestic and foreign scientists allowed to conclude that public marketing is a system of using management concepts and practical tools of marketing by the subjects of public management activities implemented by the needs of society or some of its communities through mutual exchange of specific actions and resources. State marketing and municipal marketing should be identified as the main types of marketing in public administration.
Keywords: non-profit marketing, public management, marketing principles, public marketing, state marketing, municipal marketing.