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UDC 141.7:340.12(477)
Doctor of Philosophy, Professor at the Philosophy Department
Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University
Background. Features and nature of public legal awareness and legal culture are the factors that determine the quality and pace of modern state building process in Ukraine. Social justice is the basis for the request of the public about the quality of parliamentary, proper legal culture of policy makers, improving the efficiency of law enforcement and judicial systems and others.
The aim of this study is to analyze the influence peculiarities of the public nature of justice on state building process in modern Ukraine.
Materials and methods. National legislation regulations served as the research materials, information and reports of the experts in the legal field. The work used a wide range of scientific and philosophical-legal methods, in particular, comparative and legal-comparative methods, the dialectical method, system and structural analysis.
Results. Essential characteristics of public legal awareness in Ukraine were studied. Features of the impact of public sense of justice on the state-building process were analyzed. It has been indicated that a permanent impact on the state building quality of regulatory support makes the degree of development of institutional forms of social consciousness, which is particularly reflected in the quality of legislation adopted in a particular state. It is alleged that social strains of justice find their expression in a variety of state-building subjects – authorities, officials, political parties, and political leaders. Distortion of justice is found in the degree of the implementation by the aforementioned subjects of law, their attitude to the job duties, understanding their role in the democratic transformations and so on.  Manifestation of legal nihilism in the domestic state building was determined. At the same time, deformation of public sense of justice is gradually overcome influenced by the overall democratization of social relations, through increased development of civil society and their activity. Civil society advocates as certain founder of law, serves as the control of officials. Correlativity of democratization of social justice and quality characteristics of state building process in Ukraine was substantiated. The state should create a legal framework for democratic development of justice in Ukraine in order to overcome the vestiges of paternalistic justice.
Conclusion. One of the indicators of development of democratic social justice, which affects the state building, is the understanding of freedom, the ability to use it. An important role in strengthening the state plays a level of democratic Ukrainian society of justice, which in turn reinforces public control over the authorities.
Keywords: social justice, state building, legal values, democratic justice, civil society.