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UDC 159.923
Doctor of Philosophy, Professor at the Department of Philosophical and Social Sciences
Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics
Background. Ukrainian society is interested in a successful socialization of their members in the process of personal self-identification which is caused by social dynamics. Social and economical development, changing of social mechanisms and behaviour patterns demand to revise and to construct new identities.
The aim of the article is to specify the concepts "identification" and "self-identification", analyse self-esteem, self-awareness, self-determination and other structural elements of the process of self-identification, study its significance for socialization and personal development.
Materials and methods. The article used the publication of famous scientists who have made outstanding contributions to the study of identity, identification and self-identification of the individual, as well as scientific publications of domestic and foreign authors concerning the above issues. In the process of scientific research the following methods were applied: abstraction, ascent from the abstract to the concrete, logical, comparison and observation, analysis and synthesis.
Results. The problem of personal self-identification with other individuals and social groups is a research subject of different sciences. Specifics of social philosophical approach consists of self-identification consideration as a social process which is characterized as dialectically contradictory. It deals with social norms and stereotypes, coordination of life plans with other individuals and social groups interests and changing of social values. The self-identification includes self-awareness, self-knowledge, self-determination and other elements. This process is impotent for individual and collective socialization, development of personal qualities and integration of society as well. At the same time it is necessary to specify both positive and negative self-identification. The forming of self-identification can be realized on individual and social levels, in different areas of social life – national, political, cultural, professional, religious and others.
Conclusion. Self-identification of the individual is in the process of socialization of the individual within certain institutional, stratification and value-regulatory systems. The process of self-identification is accompanied with disidentification phenomena that occur in inconsistencies between individual standards and the new requirements of the social environment and the values created by the family and educational institutions to the realities of social life. This negative process is caused by inadequate role of the media in terms of ideological vacuum, increasing social differentiation, determined by the level of material well-being, manifestations of deepening social inequality and marginalization.
Keywords: process, social and psychological process, identification, self-identification.