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SYVAK Olena,
Postgraduate Student at the Accounting and Audit Department
Zhytomyr State Technological University
Background. Charity has always been at the forefront of discussions of public, scientists, politicians, civil servants, public sector activists.
Currently instruments and forms of charity have not been sufficiently studied in the economic literature. Various forms of charity attracted the attention of sociologists, philosophers and historians. Information on charity is available at the companies’ sites.
The aim of our research is to develop methods of reflection of transactions of charitable assistance in the accounting and reporting, namely its various tools and forms.
Materials and methods. Data of National Ranking of Charity if Ukraine and statistic data on charity expenditures were the materials of the research. A wide range of general scientific and specific methods of economic research namely theoretic generalization, grouping and comparison, historic-logical, cause-consequence relation, abstract-logical, specification, dialectic, analysis, synthesis, abstraction technique were used.
Results. Problem of Ukrainian charity in most companies is its spontaneous and is out of any scientific approach. European and American experience shows that charity and social responsibility are quite economical objects and are able to offer professional approach with positive financial and social results. Charity is a broad term that covers a number of areas.
By carrying out an analysis of the literature, conclusions regarding the interpretation of the concept of "charity" have been made. In particular, it was found that charity is broader concept that combines such directions as: philanthropy, charity activities and charitable assistance. These directions describe the areas in which the charity is carried out.
Conclusion. Thus, making a detailed analysis of tools that allow the enterprise to carry charitable assistance, we found that these tools can be combined in such a general term like "social investment".
Tools, with the help of which charitable assistance is reflected in accounting and reporting can be displayed in the form: 1) money; 2) non-current assets or inventories, goods; 3) work and services provided, whether or not it is related to the business of the company.
Keywords: charity, charitable assistance, accounting, charityactivities, charity forms.