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UDC 519.86:658.8
PhD in Economics, Associate Professor at the Department of Marketing and Innovative Activity Management
Sumy State University
Background. In modern conditions of market economy efficient commodity turnover system adjustment, determining the optimal level of the cost of the inventory at the company's warehouses and transportation of products is one of the most important prerequisites for the success of each enterprise. Therefore, to acquire competitive advantage it is necessary to plan, build, organize, regulate, manage and control the commodity turnover, providing the needs and demands of consumers and profit. In this context, scientific interest is constantly growing in the use of methods of economics and mathematic modeling, opening opportunities for making evidence-based, fully balanced, integrated solutions.
There fore the aim of the paper to systematize and substantiate choice of method of economic and mathematic modeling of commodity turnover in distribution.
Materials and methods. The following scientific methods and techniques were used in the article: theoretical generalization and comparison, analysis, synthesis, system and structural approach.
Results. The article is dedicated to systematization and substantiation of the methods' choice of economic and mathematic modeling to create an effective system of delivery and sale of goods. The work reveals the comparative analysis of optimization techniques, and given the state of economic development and the specificity of industrial and trade enterprises justified their choice and the model to improve commodity turnover system for industrial and trade enterprises, providing costs minimization and maximizing profits based on solving the transportation problem.
Conclusion. According to the author the research contributes to the study of the theoretical and methodological foundations for the management of goods distribution turnover system and can be used by modern industrial and commercial enterprises and consulting companies that, based on the TSP, can analyze improve or develop new effective system of commodity flow.
Keywords: commodity turnover, economics and mathematic modeling, method, model, transport problem.