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UDC 659.126
PhD in Economics, Senior Lecturer at the Management Department
Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics
Background. The proposed scientific article is devoted to problems of concept formation of brand life cycle. Consideration is based on the study of essence of the concept of "brand". Forming an effective brand is tool for the projected strategic development of each entity, the key to effective marketing.
Review of scientific sources indicates that the studies that were carried out, are very versatile. We must pay tribute to the scientific and practical significance of the above works and the high level of diversity of studies, but the results may not always be implemented in the activities of domestic enterprises. In addition, not enough attention has been yet paid to the question of the brand life cycle. However, analysis of existing interpretations and views on the essence of the concept of "brand" and the conceptual foundations of its life cycle formed in the aim of the study.
Materials and methods. General scientific and special methods that provide the conceptual integrity of the study, were used in this scientific paper including: historical – scientific approaches for organizing domestic and foreign scholars on a retrospective study of the essence of the brand; synthesis and system analysis – to improve the life cycle stages of the brand; expert assessments – to analyze the components and performance evaluation of brand identity; survey – to assess the brand positioning.
Results. In the evolution of the concept of "brand" has passed several stages that characterize it from different angles. At the first stage it was applied activities aimed at creating competitive advantages of the company, operating in a competitive environment. Most scientists reveal only certain aspects of the brand. It should also be noted that specificity determining stage of the life cycle of the brand has not been clearly outlined. This is a prerequisite for the formation of the totality of ideas, principles and methods of assuring the progressive development of the company within the foreseeable impact of its effectiveness.
Conclusion. Thus, the concept of brand life cycle has a significant advantage, namely effective brand compared with the goods is easily adaptable to innovation processes. Also, it is clearly described by quantitatively-key parameter used to determine the stage of the life cycle of the brand. Therefore, in the context of increasing the competitiveness of the brand methodological tools to build a matrix to determine the stage of the brand life cycle were offered.
Keywords: brand life cycle, trademark, image, quality, efficiency.