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UDC 005.35:339.17
PhD in Economics, Associate Professor at the Management Department
Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics
Background. Suggested scientific article is devoted to the issue of the formation and implementation of mechanism for managing social development of trade enterprise.
Review of scientific resources in this sphere indicates that among scientists discussions are conducted on comprehensive approach to the investigation of these problems.
The aim of the research is to define the essence of mechanism for managing social development and to justify its role in an enterprise.
Materials and methods. Works of domestic and foreign scientists on the issue were the theoretical and methodological base of the article. The following methods were used in the course of the research: general scientific, formal (analysis and synthesis, induction and deduction) and dialectic (scientific abstraction, unity of historic and logical) logics.
Results. The effective functioning of the management of social development is determined by existence of relevant process management software in a company and the realization of its social development strategy that includes the following elements: normative and legal, organizational, methodological and information resources.
Key factors that provide implementation mechanism for managing social development of trade enterprise are an effective mechanism of staff motivation; favorable socio-psychological climate in the team; measures for vocational guidance and social inclusion of staff; mechanism of labour potential formation of the enterprise; improving the working conditions of the personnel of the company; formed mechanism of improving social and labour relations; mechanism of social systematization and regulation; training; improving the living conditions of workers and program of improvement of company’s corporate culture.
Conclusion. Thus, the problem of social development of trading enterprises need systematic and targeted approaches to its management and the development and implementation mechanism for social development management.
Keywords: social development in enterprise; management mechanism of social development in enterprise.