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OLYVKO Oksana,
PhD in Economics, Associated Professor at the Department of International Economics and Tourism of Ternopil National Economic University
Background. In modern terms proof position of tourist company at the market is determined by the degree of her competitiveness that is mostly related to two indexes: by the cost of complex tourist service and high level of its quality and accordance to the requirements of consumers, intergovernmental and state standards et al normative to the documents.
The aim of the study is determination of basic estimation criteria of complex tourist service quality, coming from her aims and tasks.
Materials and methods. The study used traditional methods and tools of economic analysis (spreadsheet, comparison, grouping, graphical), methods of market research, material processing using personal computers.
Results. The construction of the quality system of tourist services needs from a tour operator application of complex logistic approach that will give an opportunity to carry out the choice of optimal set of services in obedience to the requirements of consumers, as single compatible going does not exist near the estimation of complex tourist product quality. To support separate tourist services quality on a due levels standards of service are developed, that show a soba the association of the obligatory rules, sent to establishment of the assured level of quality of separate operations implementation that is included in the complex of service.
Conclusion. Thus the feature of tourist product consists of the quality of service on each of its implementation phases is estimated by a consumer in the conditions of the certain emotional state and the row of factors influences that, in particular: age, cultural traditions and features of education, individual ideas about the level of comfort, psychological state in the moment of service consumption. Therefore quality of tourist product not always is perceived objectively, and mostly depends on individual of every customer profiles.

Keywords: quality, quality management, complex tourist service, quality management of tourist services.