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Автор: Sveta on .

UDC 001:378
Doctor of Economics, Professor, Vice Rector on Scientific work of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics 
Background. Development of research and innovation at the university is the determining factor of professional, intellectual and spiritual growth of teachers and students. This is caused by the influence of the university on society through education and science, strengthening its role in the expansion of national and European cultural values, which aims to strengthen the research base, integrate research and education activities, joint research work of faculty, postgraduate students, doctoral students, scientific cooperation with universities in Ukraine and abroad.
The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine envisages providing real financial and academic autonomy of higher education institutions and liberalized access of foreign educational institutions to the Ukrainian market. Government assists foreign higher education institutions to enter Ukrainian market through the gradual removal of restrictions. It will create a competitive environment for Ukrainian universities. In addition, educational institutions of foreign countries compete and significantly weaken domestic ones.
According to monitoring the number of Ukrainian citizens who study in foreign universities (only full time) for the last five years has increased by 45 %, over the period of 2009–2014 by 79 %. Ukrainians study in 34 countries. Polish and German universities dominate, there study respectively 31% and 19%.
These trends, on the one hand, are related with the unstable economic and political situation, military actions that take place in the east, on the other hand, with the image of Ukrainian higher educational establishments.
One of the goals of forming a positive image of Ukrainian educational institutions is to train new generation of highly skilled professionals by creating modern university of innovative type with the goals and objectives of the national innovation system by integrating the educational process with the research activities. In addition, due to the adoption of the Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education", "On scientific and technical activity" and a number of regulations on preparation of candidates higher education the issue determining strategic directions of the university is still very relevant.
The aim of the study is to create an effective mechanism of scientific and technical and innovation potential of the university for the economy development and solving social problems of the country, to ensure the competitiveness of the university on domestic and international educational markets.
Materials and methods. For the basis of the study served a set of the following scientific methods: comparative analysis, synthesis, analysis and synthesis, comparativism. It helped to determine trends and analyze the dynamics of research and innovation of the university, to outline prospects for further development. The information base for the study were the results of scientific and technical activity of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics (KNUTE).
Results. The results of research and scientific work of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics during seventy years of its operation have been analysed. The basic strategic goals of research and innovation potential of the university for the economy development, solving social problems of the country and to ensure its competitiveness in the educational domestic and international markets have been outlined.
Conclusion. Thus, the transformation of the economy and the integration of Ukraine into the world economy is carried out also through the integration of domestic science into international research as guarantor to ensure the competitiveness of domestic educational product not only at the national but also the global market of educational services.
Keywords: scientific research, innovation, university, strategic benchmarks, development directions, scientific research, international scientometric database, higher education institution, integration.