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Journal 01.2009

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SMAGIN V. Influence of financial market on reproductive process in real sector of economy 5
GROMOZDOVA L., PROSTOTINA S. Improvement of estimation of regional economic progress trends 12
SUPRUN N. Problems of adaptation of national model of corporate management to exogenous institutional parameters 17
SURKOVA Y. Self-regulating organizations as the model of the state-social partnership on the construction market of Ukraine 25
VLASOVA I. Features of financing of innovative area in the developed countries of the world 36
BAI S. Success of enterprises development: problems of achievement of balance and innovation 47
KUZNETSOVA I. Determination of essence of the definition "management technology" 55
KIRICHENKO L. Mechanism of management of enterprises competitiveness 62
SHULGA O. The problems of material support of agrarian sector enterprises of Ukraine 67
IRTLACH M. Marketing communications in management of the resort-recreational complex of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea 73
KOROL S. A role of managerial accounting in achieving social responsibility of the business 80
VERENICH O., SHAPOVALOVA A. New directions of property accounting 88
BULGAKOVA S., KOLODIY O. Financial System of Ukraine during the post-war period 95
GERASYMENKO A. The competition theory evolution in the history of economic thought of XVIII – XX centuries 102
NIMCHIN S. Paradoxes of endless regress and assignment of singularities, as structural components of "existential vacuum" 114